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Let our company and me personally show you respect and represent a brief description of our company's activities.

RUSSIAN EXPEDITION COMPANY Ltd. provides services of railway, air, sea, and vehicular transportation around Russia, the CIS, China, Europe.
A wide network of our agents and offices allows the company to deliver cargoes to the addressee's door from any spot of the world.

Railway transportation: Our company organizes transportation in multi-purpose freight cars; payments of transportation fees in Russia and the CIS; supplying of railway vehicles and containers for loading ; tracking and control of cargo movement; customs operations; receiving cargoes at the company's address and its further transportation to the client's door.

Air transportation: Our company transports cargoes by air to any spot of the world. Transportation of unique and superheavy cargoes. Customs operations.

Vehicular transportation: We provide transportation in own cars around Russia to all major cities from Novosibirsk to Krasnodar. Regular services from St.-Petersburg to Petrozavodsk. Our company provides a package of services such as consolidation, expedition, delivery, and further customs clearance of cargoes from any part of Europe, Scandinavia and south-eastern Asia.

Sea shipments: We offer the following package of services: container shipments LCL, consolidation of cargoes under a container into our own regular containers from the ports of China: Shenzhen, Ningbo and Shanghai to Saint-Petersburg . Shipments from ports Saint-Petersburg, Kotka, Odessa, Novorossysk, Tallinn.

Inside-port expedition: complete document formalities; loading operations.

Shortest terms, tight schedule, flexible tariffs, individual attention to every client.

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